Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Beginning

Hi there. I am Mabel and I work as a content writer for an IT company. My job basically means that I write articles for various websites and also deals with seo, keywords and the like. I used to consider myself a creative writer- one that scribbles poems and stay up all night so I can finalize the plot of a short story. Some of the short stories I have written were published in magazines and I am so proud of them. Sadly, since I started working and writing for a company I seemed to have lost my creativity or maybe I just lost the time for it.

It’s been years since I completed a short story and I never attempted to write another one ever since—even a poem or haiku. Of course the element of creativity is present in every form of writing, however- writing now seems to have become a technical thing for me. Deep inside I am longing to let all my creative juices flow and write literary pieces again. I am starting this blog because I want to reconnect with my creative writer self, as well as provide a venue for fellow writers- to find the events, seminars, places that would help develop writing skills. I hope this bog become a useful tool for me and the readers. This is just the beginning!

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